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Passing the Torch: JA High School Heroes Igniting a Flame of Leadership


Great Falls High School Heroes
Great Falls High School Hero at Work

Image caption: Participant of the JA High School Heroes program

Step into Great Falls High School, where regular teens are turning into amazing leaders through a special program. It's called JA High School Heroes, and it's making a big impact. These students are more than just classmates; they're like superheroes, sharing important skills with younger kids.

JA High School Heroes is a program that provides leadership development opportunities to high school students.  Heroes teach elementary students about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness.

At Great Falls High School, the JA High School Heroes program has become a catalyst for personal transformation among its participants. Take Kinsley, for instance, a high school hero who initially joined the program without a clear direction for her future. As she engaged in teaching JA programs to elementary school students, Kinsley discovered her passion for teaching and mentoring. The program not only equipped her with leadership skills but also ignited a desire to pursue a career in education. Kinsley's story exemplifies the profound impact the program has on the personal growth and aspirations of the high school heroes.

The heroes are making waves in the lives of elementary school students. These young heroes bring essential life skills and financial literacy into the classrooms, creating a positive impact on their younger students. From understanding budgeting basics to learning about entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge is empowering elementary students to navigate the challenges ahead. The high school heroes serve as role models, showcasing the importance of leadership and education in shaping a brighter future for the next generation.

The impact of the program extends far beyond the school walls and into the community surrounding Great Falls High. As these high school mentors take on leadership roles, their influence is felt by the younger students who often spot them in the community.  The heroes have described these experiences as heartwarming, witnessing the genuine connection formed between themselves and the elementary students. This organic, positive interaction reflects the program's success in fostering a sense of community involvement and bridging generational gaps through the power of mentorship.

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